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The technical upgrade of the cryogenic crusher has far-reaching significance to the industry
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Introduction: At present, the main objective of the development of the crushing industry in the world is to increase the fineness while increasing the output, which can expand the scope of application, such as the development and application of the crushing of fibrous, hard, tough, viscous and elastic materials, and low temperature crushing The machine is also the focus of many foreign manufacturers.

Low-temperature pulverization has been widely used abroad, especially in the United States and Japan. In China, low-temperature crushing is generally used in the processing of Chinese medicinal materials, especially in the field of crushing and processing of precious Chinese herbal medicines.

Relevant experts pointed out that crushing materials is an important part of industrial processing, especially in the field of traditional Chinese medicine product processing. The quality of the crushing effect directly affects the quality of the product, especially in terms of the effectiveness of the tea cup. Moreover, there are many varieties of Chinese medicinal materials that are difficult to crush, and the application significance of low-temperature crushing is even greater.

Many domestic crusher manufacturers started late, and information and technology generally lag behind. Industry insiders pointed out that the current domestic research on low-temperature pulverization technology lags far behind the advanced level, especially in the areas of pulverization effect, temperature control and other fields, the accuracy is still relatively weak, so it is difficult to meet the increasing production standards.

Low-temperature pulverization can crush materials that are difficult to pulverize at room temperature, and can be widely used in various fields. But the reality is that the current domestic technical level is not enough to support market demand. Only by continuously achieving breakthroughs in technological research and development can we *finally form a good industrial system and market mechanism to accelerate industry development.

At present, the scale of relevant domestic production enterprises is generally small, and the technical management and scale are still in the original free-range state. I believe that after healthy market competition and absorbing foreign advanced technology and management in all aspects, there will be a big leap. , To narrow the gap with foreign manufacturers.

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