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The connection between crusher and crusher
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The name of the crusher and the crusher sound similar, and literally, they are similar. Many people who don’t understand this aspect are still not very clear about this aspect of knowledge. They may have some misunderstandings in this aspect, but actually crush There is still a certain difference between a crusher and a crusher. Although there is a certain connection between them, there is still a big difference. Below we can introduce you to some practical situations.

1. Internal adjustment of the crusher

The main purpose of the gap in the crusher is the distance between the rotor body and the counterattack plate, as well as the grate bar and the hammer head of the crusher. The size of these gaps will affect whether there is a product next to the safety door of the crusher. If there is a product, the hammer head cannot press the accumulated material from the grate bar, and the hammer head will suffer more serious friction and damage. Therefore, you must frequently adjust the gap between each part during the use of the crusher. The gap allows each part to work in the *suitable range of work.

2. Replacement of shredder parts

Among the parts of the crusher, crushing claws and hammers are relatively easily damaged parts, and they are also *parts that can affect crushing quality. These two parts can also affect the production efficiency of the crusher. The crushing claws and hammers should be replaced in time after they are worn. When replacing the jaws of the jaw crusher, the disc should be pulled out first.

Before pulling it out, you should first open the round nut lock plate on the back of the disc, unscrew the round nut with a hook wrench, and then use a special puller to pull the disc out. This can ensure the balanced operation of the rotor. When replacing the gears, pay more attention to the replacement of this cover. After the replacement, do a static balance test, so as to ensure the stability of the crusher.

When we use the crusher and the pulverizer, we can carefully observe the specific difference, which will also help us to use the pulverizer better.

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