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What are the inspections before the commissioning of the superfine pulverizer?
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For newly installed equipment, when the equipment is in place and the crushing chamber is connected, it is inevitable that foreign objects such as iron blocks, welding rod heads, welding slag and so on will remain. How to do the inspection work before the commissioning of the superfine grinder?

1. Without turning on the fan and main motor, open the impurity removal baffle below the feed inlet to allow impurities and washing materials to be discharged from here.

2. After the initial check everything is normal, power on and start the equipment. Check the direction of rotation of all motors.

3. Check the parameters of the two inverters of the feeding motor and the grading wheel motor of the superfine pulverizer, and check whether the adjustment of the air switch, contactor, thermal relay, and overcurrent relay corresponding to the motor is appropriate? Re-lock it again.

4. Check whether the solenoid valve blows normally, and adjust the solenoid valve pulse width and spray interval time of the dust collector.

5. Check whether there is any air leakage in the air shutter under the brake. You can place it with your hands or fine powder to see if it feels like sucking in. If necessary, seal it. After the above check everything is normal, prepare to produce with materials.

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