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How to do the lubrication and maintenance work of the superfine grinder?
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We all know that no matter what the machine is, lubrication and maintenance work must be done in winter! The same is true for the ultra-fine grinder, and appropriate adjustments are made to the operating characteristics of the ultra-fine grinder in a low temperature environment.

In the production process of the superfine pulverizer, the temperature rise of the bearing must be checked frequently. When the temperature rise exceeds 50℃, the machine should be shut down for inspection to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

When the new ultra-fine grinder is running, the drive belt is easy to stretch, so attention should be paid to adjust the belt's proper tightness to ensure the working life of the belt.

The wearing parts of the ultrafine grinder should be checked frequently and replaced in time to ensure the production quality and throughput. The blades and bushings of the ultrafine pulverizer should be checked frequently for wear. If the productivity drops after wear, and the particle size becomes coarser, replace them when they are worn.

The main engine of the superfine pulverizer and the grading flow bearing are all grease lubricated, using No. 2 special grease, degree 265-295. The grease replacement period of the superfine grinder bearing is 2000 hours, and the filling amount of grease is 1/2 (upper measurement) or 3/4 (lower measurement) of the space in the bearing cavity. Do not fill with grease too much, otherwise it will cause The bearing temperature is too high.

The grease change period of the screw feeder of the superfine grinder is 4000 hours, and ordinary calcium-based grease is added.

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