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Analysis of the advantages of superfine grinder
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The superfine grinder is generally a screenless grinder. The particle size of the crushed material is controlled by the airflow speed. The crushing particle size requires 95% to pass 0.15mm (100 mesh). It is generally used for special aquatic bait or aquatic open bait. Micro-pulverizer, pneumatic conveying, and classifier are matched to complete. The crushing particle size of the raw materials is very fine, which may show unexpected characteristics, but it also brings more problems, such as electrostatic adsorption, poor fluidity of the material, and large energy consumption for crushing, which increases production costs and affects processing operations. Relatively large, these adverse effects can be overcome by different methods (such as changing the feed processing technology).

The ultra-fine pulverizer is made of medically approved stainless steel material, which meets GMP requirements. The production process is fully enclosed, with no dust benefits and no loss of materials. Low pulverization temperature-the temperature of the powder produced by the ultrafine pulverizer will not exceed 50 degrees without the cooling system in continuous operation. For customers with special requirements, we can configure a low temperature system, *low temperature can reach minus 35 degrees.

It can be applied to any fibrous, high toughness, high hardness or certain moisture content material; for pollen or other spore plants that require breaking of the cell wall, the wall breaking rate can reach 95%, and water, alcohol or other liquids can be added Carry out wet pulverization, or pass in gas for protective pulverization.

The crushing rate is 100%, almost no loss. The processing objects are highly adaptable, and can be adapted to various types of Chinese medicines with different characteristics and great differences; animal medicine, mineral medicine, tough, brittle, high hardness, low hardness, and fiber-containing Large quantities, high oil content, high sugar content, etc., can be crushed to cell-grade micronized powder after cooperating with certain ultra-fine pulverizer technology.

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