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Factors influencing the crushing effect of ultrafine pulverizer
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There are four factors that affect the crushing effect of the ultrafine crusher:

1. The nature of raw materials. The raw materials have many properties, such as brittleness, toughness, fiber, sugar, oiliness, etc. The properties of the raw materials should be determined before crushing, and then different methods should be adopted for materials of different properties. For example, high-sugar, high-oil materials can be glued together without external force, so brittle materials cannot be crushed.

2. Water content of raw materials. The ultra-fine grinder has high requirements for the moisture content of the material, generally not more than 10%, because the finer the powder, the sufficient moisture will come out, which increases the specific gravity of the material and makes multiple particles stick together. If the material has a high water content, it will increase the difficulty of crushing, and the output will also decrease.

3. Equipment maintenance. Regular maintenance of equipment is a guarantee for the service life of the crusher and the output of crushing fineness. The equipment needs to be filled with lubricating oil regularly to check the aging degree of each seal and the wear of the crushing medium.

4. Feeding fineness. Regardless of which manufacturer’s superfine pulverizer you buy, the fineness of the feed material will definitely be indicated in the instructions for use. Generally, it will be marked below 1mm. Too much fineness of the feed material will have a greater impact on the life of the machine, and it is also very difficult to crush. In fact, this principle is the same as when we eat, we must chew slowly to help digestion.

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