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Customers come to the factory to accept the steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine! Customer sa
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The steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine is composed of shot blasting room, shot blasting assembly, shot recycling purification system (screw conveyor, elevator, separator, shot control system), roller conveyor system, purge mechanism, maintenance Platform, dust removal system, air control system, electrical control system, etc.

The steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine is a new type of special equipment designed and manufactured according to user requirements. It is suitable for surface cleaning of steel pipes, petrochemicals, hoisting machinery, construction machinery and other machinery industries. Through shot blasting, it can not only remove rust, oxide scale, dirt, etc. on the surface of the workpiece, but also make the surface of the workpiece appear metallic, eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the paint film adhesion of the workpiece during painting, and finally To achieve the purpose of improving the surface and internal quality of the workpiece.

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